Scrivere in Jazz Final
8th September 2022
Orchestra Jazz della Sardegna

The selection committee, made up of musicians Duccio Bertini, Gabriele Comeglio, Michele Corcella, Mario Corvini, Riccardo Fassi, Corrado Guarino, Pino Jodice, Mario Raja, and Marco Tiso, subjected the compositions taking part in the 17th edition of the International Competition of Composition and Arrangement for Jazz Orchestra ‘Scrivere in Jazz 2022’ to careful analysis.
The compositions admitted to the final phase are:

Section A – Compositions based on or inspired by the themes of Sardinian ethnic music: Tasgia

“Bathsheba” by Gabriele di Franco (Lecce, Italy / Brussels, Belgium)
“Bonorva” by Leonardo Prunetti (Grosseto, Italy)
“TB” by Nicola Corso (Campobasso, Italy)

Section B – Free original compositions

“Renegade” by Tobias Hoffmann (Graz, Austria) student at Kunstuniversität Graz
“Sam” by Laura Giulia Veltri (Rome, Italy) student at Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium in Aarhus (Denmark)
“Seeds” by Francesco Spinazza (Spoleto, Italy) student at the Conservatorio “G. Verdi” in Milan.

Section C – Arrangements of pieces by Gianluigi Trovesi

“Dance For a Fat Harlequin” by Daniel Hofecker (Pecs, Hungary)
“Gargantella” by Gerardo Pepe (Gravina in Puglia – BA – Italy)
“Siparietto” by Diego Donati (Corinaldo – AN – Italy).