contemporary studies for guitar

Deep is a series of 5 etudes and 1 interlude for modern classical guitar.

Each study explores a specific technique or musical idea.
The end of each study heralds the ‘exploratory’ element that will be developed in the following study.

The recordings of DEEP are the result of a collaboration with Belgian guitarist Jasper Iturrospe.


contemporary studies for guitar

Composed by Gabriele di Franco
Performed by Jasper Iturrospe

Etcetera Records

Release date 10_03_23

thanks to Jasper for playing so beautifully,
thanks to Arianna, Raffaele, and Anita for supporting me every day,
thanks to Federico and Valentina for being such wonderful human beings.

recorded by Dries Van Ende in Brussel on 6/02/2022
Filmed by Federico Fiordigiglio (©Studiosciolto)

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