N.O.W. – Bic – Live Streaming
29th April 2021
9:10 am


Necessity of wandering


How to communicate between two different arts in the field of improvisation?

This is the question BIC wants to answer during it’s residency in Zinnema.

By working together with dancers studying at P.A.R.T.S.

(Performing Art Research Training Studio) and ERG (Ecole de recherche

graphique) BIC is researching a method on how to connect improvised music

and dance.

Within free improvisation BIC is looking for structures and shapes with the

same quality as any other performance, with the only difference that it has

been established by instantaneous creation.


Who’s BIC?

We are musicians, we improvise, we are not writing tools…

We are BIC (Brussels Impro Collective), a collective founded by musicians

around the concept of free improvisation.

For this project BIC is:

Giulia Bonfiglio Dance

Ching Shu Huang Dance

Vanesa Diaz Gil Voice, keys

Marcello Giannandrea Bassoon

Gabriele di Franco Guitar

Joos Vandueren Sax

Machiel Heremans Guitar