An interactive concert 
with multiple evolutionary possibilities.

How many times did you think:

What if I would have taken that flight?

What if I would have kissed her?

We choose and evolve on the basis of the choices we make, and so does LULELA.

19 different endings

21 crossroads

38 chapters

228 minutes of interactive performance

11.706 words

LULELA - ph (c) Michiel Devijver
LULELA - ph (c) Michiel Devijver
LULELA - ph (c) Michiel Devijver
LULELA treestructure bianco

Such as when Pac-Man reaches the end of the screen and appears back from the other side, the audience will have the opportunity to navigate throug LULELA's world going back to square one two more times, enjoying 1 hour and 30 minutes of interactive music-theatre concert.
Potentially to explore all the 19 endings the audience would need to attend at least 10 performances.

Each story is independent and draws a different He.
But experiencing LULELA on a macro-narrative level, going through all the paths, will give the possibility to understand who He is, regardless of the choices He made or He will do.

LULELA is the syncrasy of LUI, LEI, L’ALTRO,
translated: HE, SHE, THE OTHER.

6 musicians on stage, one of them being also the narrator.

They tell you the story of “HE”, the protagonist, and of his attempt to define himself that will define his destiny. But will not be him choosing, it will be the audience.

At the end of each chapter, the audience and ‘HE’ are faced with a choice leading every time to a different evolution, navigating through 19 different storylines and endings.

LULELA - ph (c) Michiel Devijver

Give a look at the try-out from the last residency at Bijloke – LOD muziektheatre.

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read the description and interview by Koen Haagdorens

Co-produced by:
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Music, text and concept © Gabriele di Franco