Gabriele di Franco trio

During the years and the composing studies, he developed a special way to interpret the music world. Not only Jazz, but also World Music, Classical influences mesh up with a Rock spirit.

The repertoire is composed by original compositions and special arrangements of Jazz standards. Care to the form and the melody, with airholes of improvvisation and free space.

The band:
Daniel Jonkers (drums)
Fil Caporali (doublebass)
Gabriele di Franco (guitar and composition)

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Bud Powell Jazz Orchestra


The Jazz Cultural Association “Bud Powell” of Maglie (Italy), after years of musical and social activity, has decided to invest in an ambitious and extraordinary project: 22 musicians, an unpublished repertoire, for the formation of a Big Band that brings musical and social input to now unprecedented in Salento.
From November 2016 the orchestra is directed by the guitarist, composer Gabriele di Franco, who also plays the role of composer and arranger.


L’Associazione Culturale Jazz Bud Powell di Maglie, dopo anni di attività sul territorio, ha deciso di investire in un progetto ambizioso e straordinario: 22 musicisti, un repertorio inedito, per la formazione di una Grande Band che apporti un input musicale e sociale sino ad ora inedito.
La formazione è diretta dal chitarrista, compositore Gabriele di Franco che veste anche il ruolo di compositore e arrangiatore.

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Gottfried di Franco 5et

Together, they cumulate more than a half-century of jazz practice as musicians, composers, band leaders in an international jazz background.

The sound flows with a melodic perceptiveness that while resting on technique nevertheless possesses enormous clarity.

After years of collaboration in their respective bands playing around Europe, they decided to put together their music and energies to make a common project.

The repertoire is entirely composed of original compositions written by the guitarist Gabriele di Franco and the saxophonist Stefan Gottfried.

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The Sanskrit term “bija” (seed) represents the source and at the same time the cause of all things.

It is the vibration and the primordial sound from which it all began. From this fascination, in 2011 Bija were born. This atypical trio, composed, somewhat by chance, of an electric guitar, a trumpet and drums, made the decision to create music according to their personalities without musical prejudices.

It is the very idea of orchestration and arrangement that is put into question by this ensemble.

The result is a dense writing, inspired by different musical perspectives such as rock, classical, world and jazz, which constitutes the trio’s musical backgrounds. Altogether, it reflects, a postmodern attitude that manifests itself in expressionist chiaroscuro, narrative melodies, odd times and warm sounds.

In 2012, before devoting themselves entirely to the writings and the production of their first album, the Bija composed the soundtrack for the short film “The Distracted Guardian” by director Marcello Ciullo.

As a result they took part in both festivals and contests such as Jimmy Wood Award 2012 in La Spezia (finalist), the B-Live contest 2012 (Critics Award), the Soundslices contest 2012 (first place), the Otranto Jazz Festival in 2012 and the JazzUp 2012 of Greg Burk. The latter got them the prize of “Band revelation of the year”.

Appearing on the first album are the band members, Francesco Pellizzari (drums and percussion), Gabriele di Franco (electric guitar and loops) and Marco Puzzello (trumpet and flugelhorn) and also guest artists Emanuele Coluccia (sax) and Stefano Luigi Mangia (voice).

In Autum 2014 it was published the first Album “BIJA” ( SLAM production )

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Rubiks is young band formed in Brussels by four aspiring musicians. The members have all worked internationally as side-men and leaders of multiple and diverse music projects. The band target is to create their own musical language and incorporate all of the musicians influences. To move an audience by breaking up the space that can occur between the music and the listener. Rubiks creates an articulate dense music that still sounds straight forward and easy to the listeners ears. Call it modern and progressive jazz, experimental grooves and good vibes. But Rubiks does not like to label itself. Rubiks tries to play what feels right to them, the moment and have a great time by doing so.

Gabriele di Franco – El. Guitar
Géronimo de Halleux – Rhodes/Keys
Federico Pecoraro – El. Bass
Mathieu Grillo – Drums

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Mynah’s music attitude contribute to find a coherent creative way and at the same time multiform. The belonging to a land full of contamination (Apulia), the presence of traditional music based on original and strong rhythmic figures and lyric melodic elements, the influence of contemporary jazz and world music put the trio into a European dimension but with a strong connection to homeland.

The trio is composed by:
Gabriele di Franco(guitarist and composer),
Antonio De Donno(drummer and composer),
Federico Pecoraro(bass player and composer)

– 2014, July: finalist at Fara Jazz Contest;
– 2014, September: they write and record the soundtrack “INTRO” for “RIZZECANULICARNI”, a corto by Federico Fiordigiglio shown at inEURoff Festival, Rome
– 2015, April: they record their first album with EMME PRODUZIONI MUSICALI label;
– 2015, May: finalist at BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL JAZZ COMPETITION (3rd place).

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