Bija – Bija


Bija’s first album. Produced in 2014 by Bija trio and SLAM production UK.

The Sanskrit term “bija” (seed) represents the source and at the same time the cause of all things. It is the vibration and the primordial sound from which it all began. From this fascination, in 2011 Bija were born.

This atypical trio, composed, somewhat by chance, of an electric guitar, a trumpet and drums, made the decision to create music according to their personalities without musical prejudices.

It is the very idea of orchestration and arrangement that is put into question by this ensemble. The result is a dense writing, inspired by different musical perspectives such as rock, classical, world and jazz, which constitutes the trio’s musical backgrounds.

Altogether, it reflects, a postmodern attitude that manifests itself in expressionist chiaroscuro, narrative melodies, odd times and warm sounds.



Bija’s album was produced thanks to a crowdfunding campaign initiated by the band on

Track list:

1) Cipolla (Puzzello, di Franco, Pellizzari)

2) AR (di Franco)

3) Ampolla (Pellizzari)

4) Donna oriente (Puzzello)

5) Gonna (Puzzello)

6) Calendula (Pellizzari)

7) Apnea (Puzzello)

8) Dubby (Puzzello, di Franco, Pellizzari)

9) Inferenze (di Franco)

Label: Slam records ©

Code: 556 2014


Francesco Pellizzari (drums and percussions)

Gabriele di Franco (electric guitar and loops)

Marco Puzzello (trumpet and flugelhorn)


Emanuele Coluccia (sax)

Stefano Luigi Mangia (voice)

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Weight 300 g