An interactive concert 
with multiple evolutionary possibilities.

How many times did you think:

What if I would have taken that flight?

What if I would have kissed her?

We choose and evolve on the basis of the choices we make, and so does LULELA.

19 different endings

21 crossroads

38 chapters

228 minutes of interactive performance

11.706 words

Lulela 4
Lulela 2
Lulela 3

Lulela, a combination from the Italian 'lui', 'lei' en 'l'altro' or 'he, 'she' and 'the other', is a hybrid jazz concert in which performaner, protagonist and audience become one fluid identity. Lulela is a musical trip that combines emotions as loneliness and melancholia with humour and romance.

Lulela is a multi-layered jazz concert, performed by 6 musicians on stage, with a story that enfolds differently during each performance. When the protagonist is at a crossroads,his path is determined by the decisive power of the audience: who he will be and what he could have been, is defined by the audience. The audience navigates through 19 different storylines of which only 2 are revealed during each performance, resulting in a 1 hour and 30 minutes interactive music theatre concert.

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LOD / Gabriele di Franco: Lulela

concept, text, composition & direction Gabriele di Franco //
narration & bassoon Marcello Giannandrea // soprano Aphrodite Patoulidou // vibraphone & glockenspiel Pierre Hurty // drums Daniel Jonkers // double bass Filipe Caporali // jazz guitar Gabriele di Franco // technics Johannes Ringoot // production manager Rozemarijn Van Kalmthout // production LOD muziektheater

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