LULELA VR (protoype)

  • LULELA VR_snippet_prototype
  • LULELA VR_snippet_prototype
  • LULELA VR_snippet_prototype

LULELA is a contraction of the Italian ‘Lui’, ‘Lei’, and ‘L’altro’ (‘He’, ‘She’ and ‘The Other’).
It is a hybrid artistic performance in VR (for Oculus Quest), in which performers, a protagonist, and the audience are essentially one organism. It is a collective VR experience with an integrated music-theatre performance in which the course of the story is in the hands of the audience. Lulela is a VR-musical trip that combines emotions as loneliness and melancholia with humor and romance, addressing the theme of identity and how we define ourselves in relation to the world.
The audience can vomit rainbows, suddenly lose its hair, join a party, and much more. All this depends entirely on their choices.
In LULELA music, storytelling and VR technology merge into an innovative artistic format.

LULELA VR is not just a classical musical theatre show in virtual reality, nor just a game. It is a crossover project that aims to create a new experience that combines the possibilities of virtual reality with those of music-theatre.

Lulela VR in a nutshell

  • A participatory storytelling with multiple evolutionary possibilities
  • A unique blend of prerecorded 3D video, integrated into a VR universe
  • A story told by real performers
  • A collective experience

LULELA VR is an adaptation of its “analogue” version LULELA (prod. by Lodmuziektheatre).

A snippet of the prototype

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The prototype was developed thanks to the support of the Flemish government VAF, Cybernetic Walrus, and Lodmuziektheatre.