LULELA is a contraction of the Italian ‘Lui’, ‘Lei’, and ‘L’altro’ (‘He’, ‘She’ and ‘The Other’).
It is a hybrid artistic performance in VR (for Oculus Quest), in which performers, a protagonist, and the audience are essentially one organism. It is a collective VR experience with an integrated music-theatre performance in which the course of the story is in the hands of the audience.
The audience can vomit rainbows, suddenly lose its hair, join a party, and much more. All this depends entirely on their choices. In LULELA music, storytelling and VR technology merge into an innovative artistic format.

LULELA VR is not just a classical musical theatre show in virtual reality, nor just a game. It is a crossover project that aims to create a new experience that combines the possibilities of virtual reality with those of music-theatre.

Lulela VR in a nutshell

  • A participatory storytelling with multiple evolutionary possibilities
  • A unique blend of prerecorded 3D video, integrated into a VR universe
  • A story told by real performers
  • A collective experience

LULELA VR is an adaptation of its “analogue” version LULELA (prod. by Lodmuziektheatre).

A snippet of the prototype

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The prototype was developed thanks to the support of the Flemish government VAF, Cybernetic Walrus, and Lodmuziektheatre.