LULELA at 0.Rotterdam
27th May 2022
Theater Rotterdam

LULELA live for the O. Rotterdam, festival for Opera. Music. Theatre.


Lulela, a combination of the Italian ‘lui’, ‘lei’ en ‘l’altro’ or ‘he, ‘she’ and ‘the other’, is a hybrid jazz concert in which performers, protagonists, and audience become one fluid identity. Lulela is a musical trip that combines emotions as loneliness and melancholia with humor and romance.


Lulela is a participative jazz concert, performed by 6 musicians on stage, with a story that unfolds differently during each performance. When the protagonist is at a crossroads, his path is determined by the decisive power of the audience: who he will be and what he could have been, is defined by the audience. The audience navigates through 19 different storylines of which only 2 are revealed during each performance, resulting in a 1 hour and 30 minutes interactive music theatre concert.