Gottfried di Franco 5et
Gottfried di Franco quintet live at La Conserve
15th February 2018
8:00 pm
La Conserve

Gottfried di Franco quintet live at La Conserve for the presentation of the new ALBUM!

After years of collaboration in their respective bands, guitarist Gabriele di Franco and the saxophonist Stefan Gottfried, decided to put their music and energies together to launch a common musical project.

Their compositions which create a vibrant, enthusiastic musical language allow as much space as possible for creative, inspired and spontaneous yet well-crafted expression in the form of improvisation within though-out song-like forms and though-composed sections.
Deeply rooted in the jazz tradition and its immanent vales improvisation and the fascination for the art of Theme and Variation, they incorporate diverse influences as from the colorful aspects of Impressionism to free improvisation and progressive jazz.
Extending beyond that, the two bandleaders Gabriele di Franco and Stefan Gottfried, momentarily based in Brussels and The Hague, strive to reflect on their environment in their musical practice.

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