Enoa Workshop
6th November 2019
10:30 am
Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

The Music Chapel offers a workshop on career development as a response to the difficulty that young talented artists face to start, manage and develop their careers.

Through inspiring presentations from professionals of career development (managers, editors, record labels…), the aim of the workshop is to help the participants build their career with their own skills, image and tools.


The objective is to give them the right tools to fasten their career building opportunities by going straight to the most important points and by given them networking information as well as the opportunity to meet and discuss with recognized professionals of the classical music field.


Workshop mentor
Lydia Connolly, Director of HarrisonParrott


Guest speakers

Shirley Thomson, Director & Head of Vocal at HarrisonParrott

Katie Tearle, Director New Music, Edition Peters

Ernst Buchrucker, Managing Director, Unitel GMBH