Cantabile – presentation tour
26th October 2024

Cantabile is the second album by the Italian-Belgian duo of Gabriele di Franco and Francesco Negro.
Cantabile is a quiet journey that continues the exploration begun on their first album (Synolon), but greatly accentuates Gabriele and Francesco’s passion for melody and lyricism. Indeed, it is no coincidence that the album’s only guest is the Spanish singer and composer Vanesa Gil Diaz, who joins the duo on two splendid compositions ‘At The Border’ and ‘Dopo Tutto’. But the singability element remains strong throughout the album.

Acoustic piano timbres mingle with the sounds of a semi-acoustic guitar that modulates to pure electronics. This musical research has led Gabriele and Francesco to explore new timbre combinations, generating a sound that, although strongly rooted in jazz, is not afraid to steal sounds and shapes from improvised music, electronics, and pop.