BIC concept session + free jam
27th September 2019
9:00 pm
De Munt Cafè
BIC (Brussels Impro Collective) is a group of musicians that share the love for freedom, spontaneity and exploration in the process of creating music. The members of this project met while under the tutelage of Kris Defoort in his Free Improvisation lessons, and after a year of growing collectively, they decided to continue together under the name of BIC. The group gains from its own diversity of backgrounds, either it is cultural, stylistical or geographical; this sculpts, transforms and X the shapes of sound that encompasses their performances.
Free refers to freedom.
Freedom of your vocabulary,
freedom of sounds,
freedom of language,
freedom of rules.
The only rule is to contribute
concretely and consciously
to the building of music.
Impro refers to improvisation as
the instantaneous
compositional process.