Dreamin’ – Q-some Big Band

Front cover DREAMIN Q-some BB
Release Date: 14th March 2020
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Dreamin’ – Q-some Big Band

When you let your thoughts run free, you get a broad view on what is possible with a big band. Original compositions germinate, and then a new generation of composers emerges who, together with the top of the latest generation of Belgian jazz musicians, shine their light on the future of big band music, in its absolute essence, as if in a common dream.

Dreamin’ is the debut album of Q-Some Big Band with original works from their own ranks. Manten Van Gils, Gabriele di Franco, Robbe Willems and Pierre-Antoine Savoyat; the Q-Some Composer Hub.

Q-Some Big Band is a contemporary jazz orchestra made up of young, talented musicians. Through the Q-Some Composer Hub they explore the richness of sound and colour that a modern big band has to offer. With their invariably refreshing arrangements, innovative programs and unexpected musical collaborations, this orchestra goes beyond the limits, in which the passion for the profession, the warmth within the band and especially bigger dreams are clearly audible.

  1. Prototype
  2. Square Planet
  3. Raw – part I
  4. Raw – part II
  5. Blues for F
  6. Playful
  7. A Girl named Eddie
  8. Flugled
  9. For Klaus
  10. Powerful People
  11. Soft Viking

Artistic direction: Manten Van Gils, Lode Mertens

Compositions: Gabriele di Franco (5), Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (9), Manten Van Gils (2-3-4- 6-7-8-10-11), Robbe Willems (1)

Saxes: Dieter Vaganée, Arthur Hirtz, Marjan Van Rompay, Tobias Volckaert, Tom Cautaerts
Trombones: Manten Van Gils, Kristof Decoster, Roel Vanacker, Els Verbruggen Trumpets: Ruben Vanacker, Jany Van Lul, Thadeus Jolie, Marthe Van Droogenbroeck, Pierre-Antoine Savoyat

Rhythm section: Gabriele di Franco, Robbe Willems, Wim Ramon, Brecht Adriaenssens Vocals on (5): Dunja Mees

Recording engineer: Koen Herman
Mixing: Koen Heirman, Manten Van Gils
Mastering: Frederik Dejongh
Recorded September 2019 @ DAFT, mixed @ Record Office, mastered @ Jerboa Mastering
Artwork: Ward Van Rompay, Cover design: Manten Van Gils
© Caramel Records 2020

Album Review

"Het spel van onverwachte stops, ritme-overgangen en dynamiek blijft boeien tot de laatste noot. Dit mag terecht hedendaagse bigbandmuziek genoemd worden die perspectieven biedt aan een mix van stijlen.

Een erg knappe plaat. "
( )
Marc Van de Walle